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Intermittent FTP Server connectivity for some users

Status: Resolved

Areas effected: FTP

Description: A small number of customers may have experienced intermittent FTP connectivity between 1am and 6am on Monday 11th November 2019.

13:01 Wednesday 13th November
[Resolved] The issue has not recurred so we do not expect it is related to the update. Automated monitoring will alert us if this does happy again.
12:32 Tuesday 12th November
[Operational] The issue did not recur overnight or since. We are continuing to monitor.
19:06 Monday 11th November
[Operational] We have been monitoring this all day and the issue has not reoccurred. We will continue to monitor and update here.
08:42 Monday 11th November
[Operational] Service is operational but we are looking into what caused the issue. We suspect this may be related to an updated applied over the weekend. We are monitoring performance and will revert the update if required to ensure stability for those customers.