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No operational issues at this time, if you are experiencing problems please contact support
Upstream DNS Intermittent Issues

Status: Resolved

Areas effected: FTP

Description: A small amount of customers are experiencing issues resolving DNS names for services on our network. We have identified the issue as a problem at a domain name registrar outside of our network and they and they are working on this right now to resolve it urgently.

13:28 Monday 19th August
[Resolved] Upstream DNS provider has identified the issue and is working on urgent resolution. In the meantime, services can be accessed by using the direct public IP of the service, if you do not have this, please contact us.
13:28 Monday 19th August
[Ongoing] The issue has now been resolved, if you have any problems please flush your dns cache or restart your equipment to do the same. If you continue to have problems please let us know via the support link. Thank you for your patience and appologies for the inconvenience.